Experience Real Japan – A kimono tour with sake, onsen, ryokan & japanese cuisine

Tanushimaru in Kurume, Fukuoka

Would you like to experience real Japan in a hidden town?

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  • Sho Yadoya (Kimono dress up)
  • Minosaryo (Enjoy Japanese Cuisine
  • Beniotome Sake Brewery (Brewery tour, sesame shochu, sake tasting)
  • Minosanso (Relax at the hot spring)
  • Sho Yadoya (Japanese style overnight stay at a traditional Ryokan. Dinner and breakfast are included.)

Price: ¥ 33,000 (tax included)

Up to 2 children(Under 12 yeas old)for  free

(Experience fee, meal fee (lunch, dinner), accommodation fee etc. included)

A trip to enjoy Japan

Tanushimaru lies in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture and is packed with the charms of good old Japan.

We will introduce you to a tour that lets you experience those charms!

If you have purchased this tour, please gather at JR Kurume Station on the day of the event.

Meeting venue

Kimono dress up at Sho Yadoya

First of all, let’s change into a kimono at Sho Yadoya, an old Japanese-style house.


A local dresser will carefully help you to dress up.

After you finished dressing up, we will start our tour!


The lovely restaurant Minosaryo welcomes you to an old residence.


This restaurant is run by the Beniotome Sake Brewery, which is famous for its sesame shochu.

Enjoy the traditional cuisine with its special ingredients and relax a little.

Beniotome Sake Brewery (Brewery tour, sesame shochu, sake tasting)

The Benitome Sake Brewery is known for making sesame shochu, a very unusual kind of shochu in Japan.

First of all, let’s visit the brewery and learn a little bit more about sake.


The explanation from the staff will give you a glimpse of the depth of sake.

After the tour, you can enjoy a couple of drinks full of innovative ideas.

Which liquor do you like the best?

Of course you can buy your favorite liquor!


At last, let’s take a rest at the close by hot spring of Minosanso.

You can look down on the rich green scenery of Kurume while relaxing in the hot spring.


There are both private and public hot spring baths.

(* If you wish to take a private hot spring bath, an additional 1,000 yen (including tax) will be charged.)

(* Keep in mind that if you have a tattoo, you need to use a private hot spring bath.)

(* Since the private hot spring baths cannot be reserved, there may be a short waiting time.)


After you entered the hot springs how about eating a hot spring egg?

It’s delicious and healthy!

Returning to Sho Yadoya

After you have taken a rest in the hot spring, spend a relaxing night in the Japanese-style inn “Sho Yadoya”.

(* Check out is at 11:00)


You can enjoy the beauty of the Japanese garden while letting this unforgettable day come to an end.

Dinner are served at the restaurant next to the inn.

(If you wish to have a breakfast, additional 800JPY per person will be charged.)

Please be assured that you will be picked up from and also back to Kurume Station.


Everyone, please come and join our tour!

 Date of event


An overnight stay

 Basic price

Price: ¥ 33,000 (tax included)

Up to 2 children(Under 12 yeas old)for  free

(Experience fee, meal fee (lunch, dinner), accommodation fee etc. included)

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Basic charge

¥ 33,000 (tax included)

What is included

  • Kimono rental fee
  • Accommodation fee
  • Meal fee (lunch at Minosaryo, dinner)
  • Brewery tour and sake tasting experience fee
  • Hot spring fee

What is not included

  • Transportation costs to the meeting venue (JR Kurume Station)
  • Private hot spring bath fee at Minosanso((If you wish, additional 1,000JPY will be charged)
  • Breakfast(If you wish to have it, additional 800JPY will be charged)

Meeting venue

Event date


An overnight stay

Number of participants

Maximum: 12 persons

Minimum: 2 persons

Tour guide

Suyama-san from Wa-Fuku Travel will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)