Fukuoka pref. Kurume Countryside BBQ and Onsen tour

Kurume Countryside BBQ and Onsen tour

Enjoy the Countryside and rest your mind ~

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Kurume Countryside BBQ and Onsen tour

A tour that lets you experience the rural side of Kurume! Have Japanese style BBQ and pick some sweet grapes. When you finished, let’s relax at an Onsen nearby!

Meeting up at the “Kappa” Station, Tanushimaru

First we will meet at Tanushimaru Station.

The Stations architecture resembles a Kappa, which is also the city mascot of Kurume. 

In the inside you will also find a cafe and a souvenir shop which offer Kappa themed souvenirs and dishes! Recently the place has become very popular on Instagram, so take a look around and make some pictures!

Assembly point: Tanushimaru Station

BBQ and delicious grapes at Nakano Kajitsuen

Our first stop is going to be at the grape field of Nakano Kajitsuen.

Here you will find some of the best grapes in all of Kyushu!


Depends on the season, grape picking will be changed  to persimmon or strawberry picking.

But before we go on and pick some sweet grapes we are going to have some BBQ!

Under the wine arbour we are protected from the heat of the sun and can enjoy our meal. BBQ in the middle of a field feels so raw!

The farmers will provide us with a variety of dishes! Meat, fish and vegetables, everyone will surely find something to their liking. So let’s have toast and dig in!

And what could be more fitting than some freshly picked grapes as a dessert? 

Tasty? If you enjoy the freshly picked grapes, and we are sure you will, why not pick up some more for later? 

Strengthened by the BBQ, grab yourself a basket and a scissor and do some fruit picking! 

On the grape field of Nakano Kajitsuen you can find a lot of different grape types! You don’t have to stick to just one. Just take a look inside the wrapping of the grapes before you cut them down.


After you filled your basket, let’s move on!

Relaxing bath time at the Minou Sansou Onsen

To complete our short little trip through the countryside of Kurume we will go to an local Onsen. It is a little hidden in the close by mountains and therefore a peaceful place to close of the day.

The public bath offers a nice view above the surroundings, but maybe you want some more privacy in on of the private onsen-tubs?

We will leave the choice to you!

Either way the feeling of the hot water in such a calm atmosphere is delightful!

At the Onsen you can also find a nice little cafe that offers sweets and drinks. Or why not have a try on a Japanese style onsen steamed egg?*

*Please note that those are not included inside the tour price

Now it is time for us to return to Tanushimaru Station and conclude our short tour.


Everyone, how was it?

Only at Hanako Travel, including BBQ and fruit picking fee, onsen fee,  taxi fee, everything for just 15,800 yen (tax included)!

 Date of event

2019/8/1 → 2019/10/31


 Basic price

15,800JPY(tax included)

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Basic charge

¥ 15,800 (tax included)

In price included

  • BBQ
  • Grape(or other fruits) picking fee
  • Onsen fee

Not in price included

  • Transportation costs to the meeting venue (Tanushimaru Sta.)
  • Cafe fee(What you order)

Meeting venue

If you need to be picked you up at Kurume Station, please contact us.

In the case, you need to additional pay for 3,000JPY with cash.

Date of event


Number of participants

Maximum 8 people

Minimum 3 people


Suyama-san from Wa-Fuku Travel will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)