Flying Alongside the Wind. Akizuki Cycle Tour- Supported by Bike is Life

Akizuki cycling tour in Asakura-gun, Fukuoka

Feel the breath of Akizuki!

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Have you ever been to Akizuki, which is said to be a small Kyoto in Fukuoka?

Have you ever been to “Akizuki” which is called the “Small Kyoto” of Fukuoka?

Did you ever went on a cycling tour?

If not, this is a great opportunity!


This time, we will introduce you to a cycling tour through the small Kyoto of Fukuoka, Akizuki, together with the former representative of MTB Cross Country Marathon and professional cyclist Yamada Daigoro.

This tour can be enjoyed by both beginners and professional cyclists.


If you arrive by car, the meeting place will be “Bike is Life”

If you are taking the train, please come to “Amagi Station”.


We can pick you up at Amagi Station, please contact us using the following e-mail address:


Meeting venue(car:Bike is Life)

Meeting venue(train:Amagi Station)

Daigoro Yamada from Bike is Life

Bike is Life is a bicycle shop and clubhouse located in Chikuzen-cho, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka, run by professional cyclist “Yamada”.

We sell special mountain bikes for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. We also sell bicycle wear.

Of course, you can test our bicycles, if you want to buy one, so you can choose the bike that is right for you.

We are a professional bicycle shop so you can rest assured since we will also support maintenance after a purchase!


The philosophy of Bike is Life is to deliver a life alongside the wind. Therefore, we provide a variety of ride proposals, from beginner to advanced. From small Akizuki to exhausting mountain rides!


In this cycling tour we will take the Akizuki FUNRIDE, which runs along an approximately 5.5 km route from our Clubhouse to Akizuki.

During this cycling tour you can try the local cuisine, have a look at local miscellaneous goods and enjoy the scenery. You will have a fulfilling time!

After this tour you will understand Yamada-sans passion for the local people, air and culture you will experience on this trip.

Let’s start our cycling tour from Bike is Life.

We will rent our special mountain bikes here.

We will explain to you how to ride a bicycle, so even beginners can feel safe.


Now that you ’re ready, leave! !

Kogei shop Akzuki

Our first stop during the trip will be Kogei shop Akizuki, where you can get a first impression of the village’s atmosphere.

Many traditional craftsmen live in the Akizuki area and are selling items that are unique to the village.


This shop in Akizuki sells mainly pottery such as the traditional local pottery Ogada Yaki and Koishira Yaki.

All of them are made by skilled craftsmen, so please take a look at them.

Akizuki Castle Ruins

Until 1873 Akizuki had a castle from which now only the ruins remain. But many cobblestone bridges and stone walls can still be seen in town.

The most famous thing of Akizuki are its autumn leaves.

Nothing beats riding a bike through the colorful autumn leaves!

You can also experience the waters of Akizuki at the riverside near the spectacle bridge.

The water is really clear!

Let’s go down to the river and relax a little. The cold clear water is perfect for cooling off!

Hirokyu Kuzu Honpo

The next destination is Hirokyu Kuzu Honpo.

This is a Yuzu restaurant which focuses particular on Honkuzu. It already has a 190-year history!

You can enjoy delicious “Kuzu-kiri”, “Kuzuyu” and so on.

(* Purchases made at Hirokyu Kuzu Honpo are not included in the tour. Please pay in cash (JPY) locally.)

The main store here in Akizuki is located in a 260 years old merchant house and offers a pleasant and comfortable space.

The Golden Road

Now we get to our highlight: The Golden Road


This is a superb viewing spot where you can enjoy a golden view of summer. Gaze at the greenery and the glittering wheat.


Blow away your stress by riding through the middle of the neatly arranged Inaho.

Take a commemorative photo at the fields of Akizuki!

BBQ at Bike is Life

Now after we finished cycling, let’s have some BBQ!

Enjoy local vegetables and delicious meat. The non-alcohol mojitos with hand-picked mint are also very delicious!


* The BBQ fee is included in the tour content.

* Please pay for drinks in cash locally (JPY).

All-you-can-drink soft drinks: 1,000 yen

All-you-can-drink alcohol: 1,500 yen


Let’s have fun together!

So far, we have introduced you to the Akizuki cycling tour, but the actual route was customized by Yamada-san, who build the tour based on his experience and the wishes from former customers.


This cycling tour is recommended for beginners and those who want to get to know the region and its local people.


Let’s go out together with the wind and feel the breath of Akizuki’s history.


Let’s ride!!

 Date of event

2019/8/1 → 2019/10/31

Bookings are only accepted more than one week in advance.



 Basic price

10,780JPY(tax included)

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Basic charge

¥ 10,780(tax included)

What is included

  • Rental bicycle
  • BBQ
  • Participation fee
  • Insurance

What is not included

  • Transportation costs to the meeting venue (Amagi Station or Bike is Life)
  • Items and food bought during the tour (e.g. Hirokyu Kuzu Honpo)
  • Drinks during the BBQ

Meeting venue(car:Bike is Life)

Meeting venue(train:Amagi Station)

If you need to be picked you up at Amagi Station, please contact us at following e-mail address.


Date of event

Regular: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only

If you wish to book during weekdays, please contact us at the following e-mail address:




Number of participants

Maximum 12 people

Minimum 2 people


Yamada-san from Bike is Life will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)