A ramen experience that shows you all sides of ramen production at Kurume, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen & a trip to learn about Kurumes culture.

Fukuoka Kurume city tour

Create authentic ramen at a real ramen restaurant in Kurume, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen, and go on a trip to experience Kurume’s culture!

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Kurume, the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen

Have you eaten Tonkotsu ramen?

Right now Tonkotsu ramen is becoming popular worldwide!

Maybe you believe that Hakata is the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen.


But actually the birthplace of Tonkotsu ramen isn’t Hakata but Kurume.

This time we want to introduce you to an experience tour about the production of fully fledged Tonkotsu ramen in its birthplace Kurume.


You can experience making ramen at the actual shop of Seiyoken, which on the battlefield of ramen specialities in Kurume competes for No. 1-2 in popularity.

This is nothing like a home cooking class for ramen。

Experience making ramen in the sacred kitchen of real ramen chefs who are preparing delicious ramen through the sweat of their brow every day.


But we won’t stop after making your own ramen. Next we will take you on a trip to learn a little more about the culture of Kurume.


Please gather at our meeting place, JR Kurume Station.


Seiyoken is an is extremely popular ramen restaurant among the Kurume locals.

The biggest feature of the local ramen restaurants in Kurume is their soup, which is called “Yobimodoshi” soup.

Yobimodoshi soup designates a soup that serves the original taste of Tonkotsu ramen. It is prepared in the same manner every day since it originated and is served the same way ever since.

Seiyoken was founded in 1952 and as of 2019 has a 67-year old history.

In other words!!

This Yobimodoshi soup is filled with 67 years of history and taste!

Authentic! Tonkotsu ramen cooking experience

Yes! This wonderful street store of Seiyoken is usually only open after 18:00.

However, for guests of the Wa-Fuku Travel tour the store makes an exception and will open its doors so you can make some ramen!

All right! Let’s make some real ramen!

First. Because this is a restaurant, wash your hands and keep it clean.

Before we start to make ramen by ourself, the shop’s ramen chef tells us the secret story behind Kurume’s Tonkotsu ramen.


Actually Tonkotsu ramen was born as a result of a mistake made by a staff member.

Who would imagine that the origins of Tonkotsu ramen, which is known in the whole country, lay in a mistake.


Well, what kind of mistake could that have been …

Well, if you want to know the answer: Please join our tour and ask the ramen chef♩


After telling you everything you need to know about Tonkotsu ramen, the chef will show you how to make them.

After all the best way to recognize the skill difference, is to see it in front of your own eyes.


The appearance of a chef wearing his Hachimaki is something to look at after all!

After being led through all the steps, you will immediately start making your own ramen.


First let’s put the ramen noodles into the boiling water!

At ramen shops in Fukuoka you can usually choose the hardness of the noodles, such as hard, ordinary and soft.

By adjusting the boiling time you can get the exact hardness that you want.

After that, it is time to drain the hot water.

This is again a little difficult.

Put the noodle on the sieve and shake it up and down to get rid of the hot water.


This is a very important step because the soup’s richness depends on whether draining the hot water is done well or not.


It is an easy task for skilled ramen chefs, but what about everyone else.

Once the noodles are drained properly put them in the Yobimodoshi soup and add pork back fat as well as some pork slices.

Next add bamboo shoots and green onions and you are done!


Best eat the ramen right after you are finished!


Knowing that you made your ramen by yourself will make the good taste even more exceptional.


Wa-Fuku Travel is the only place where you can experience making ramen at a fully fledged ramen restaurant.


Authentic Tonkotsu ramen made by yourself♩

Kurume Cultural Center

After you are full, let’s go on a trip to experience more of Kurumes culture!


We are heading towards the Kurume Cultural Center.

It has a very beautiful garden which is loved by the local people as a place to relax.


In fact, it was founded by Shojiro Ishibashi, the founder of Bridgestone. 25 years after foundation he donated all the facilities of the cultural center to Kurume City.

You can see the development that Bridgestone made in just 25 years to be able to donate this huge facility to the city. It also shows Mr. Shojiro huge connection and thoughts towards Kurume.

In the Kurume Cultural Centers garden lays a splendid fountain, with flowers all around blooming.


It ’s very beautiful and you can see it.


There are various events in the Kurume Cultural Center as well as a museum where you can learn about the history of Bridgestone and Mr. Shojiro Ishibashi.


Because it is a public facility, it is not possible to publish photos from inside on this website, but please be assured that our guide from Wa-Fuku Travel and the facility guide will guide you inside on tour day.

Rakusuitei (Cafe )

After learning a little about Kurumes history we will go to Rakusuitei, a Cafe inside the park.


You can enjoy some delicious shaved ice and tea inside.

The cute panda ice cream was only served for a limited time!


I wonder what kind of limited-time products will be available when everyone joins the tour.

Suitengu Shrine

The main shrine of all the Suitengu shrines is here in Kurume.

The Suitengu Shrine is said to protect water and children. It is also said to offer protection from water as well as protection during fishing, shipping, during sea business, upbringing and childbirth.

Let us worship for a moment!


You can also see the beautiful Chikugo river from here!

Kurume City Tourist Information Center

Before we conclude our trip we will take a look at some local souvenirs!


Many of our local souvenirs are based on Kurume ramen and Kurumes mascot “Kuruppa”. You will certainly find something you like at the souvenir shop inside JR Kurume Station.

When you are done with shopping, this Kurume ramen making experience & Kurume culture experience tour is over.

Everyone, how was it?

Only at Wa-Fuku Travel, including facility entrance fee, food and drink fee, activity fee, taxi fee, everything for just 19,800 yen (tax included)!

Please be aware that the above mentioned price is for 6 people or above. If you would like to participate in a group of five or less please contact us for further information.

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2019/8/1 → 2019/10/31

Bookings are only accepted more than one week in advance.



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Bookings are only accepted more than one week in advance.



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Suyama-san from Wa-Fuku Travel will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)