Bonsai Growing Experience Tour – With Bonsai master Kazuya Tsuruhisa. A tour to learn more about bonsai!

Lets make one! Your own original bonsai

Bonsai Growing Experience Tour –

With Bonsai master Kazuya Tsuruhisa. A tour to learn more about bonsai!

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First lets get something to eat. Lets have some Tonkotsu Ramen for lunch at the main branch of Kurume Taiho Ramen.



Bonsai experience at Bonsai Senjuen



Master Tsuruhisa will give a demonstration.

A demonstration from master Tsuruhisa


From here on let’s experience it yourself!

Step 1: Select your shinpaku (type of bonsai)

Use a young tree that is 2 -3 years old (shinpaku). It should be a strong one which is sturdy but still easy to bend. So even a beginner is able to create one!


Step 2: Pruning

Using scissors specialy made for bonsai trimming, cut off the extra branches and leave so you can apply the wire more easily.

Step 3: Kyokudzuke (create the shape)

Stab a wire in the bowl and fix it.

Then roll it starting at the trunk of the tree. This process is called Kyokudzuke, which transaltes to bending the song. As soon as you become better, you can compose songs according to your preference.

Step 4: Select a bowl

Choose a a pot in which you would like to replant your bonsai.

This time choose your favorite out of the flower pots from Koishiwarayaki a traditional manufactor from Fukuoka.

After replanting your bonsai it is done!



A walk through the Ishibashi Culture Center and sweets

A cultural facility donated to Kurume City, the hometown of Bridgestone founder Shojiro Ishibashi, in commemoration of its 25th anniversary.


Finishing the tour at JR Kurume Station

 Date of event

Closed on Monday



 Basic price

¥19,800(tax included)

While enjoying the view of the garden let’s eat some sweets at Rakusuitei

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Basic charge

¥ 19,800(tax included)

What is included

  • Experience fee
  • Food and drinking fee
  • Travel (taxi or bus) price

What is not included

  • Transportation costs to the meeting venue (JR Kurume Station)
  • Management fee for bonsai (6000 yen / half year, 10000 yen / year)

Meeting venue

(Conventional line) (38 minutes) Hakata 1006 – Kurume 1044
(Shinkansen) (17 minutes) Hakata 1039 (Sakura 547)-Kurume 105

We will wait for you at the JR Kurume Station ticket gate. (There is only one ticket gate, so no need to worry!)

※ Those who need a pick up at JR Hakata Station will be separately picked up for a small fee of ¥3000

Date of event

Closed on Monday



Number of participants

Capacity: 3 – 8 persons

Minimum: 2 persons (The basic charge will be increased by 20% for 2 persons)

Other warning

☆Be aware of your hands during the gardening work.

☆ Please participate in clothes that can be dirty.

☆ Plants usually require quarantine inspection. Please be aware that you may not be able to bring it back to your home country.

Tour guide

Suyama-san from Wa-Fuku Travel will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)