A trip to enjoy Kurume while wearing a Kimono, experiencing sake, eel dine and green tea sweets.

Kurume city tour set in Fukuoka Prefecture: (recommended by the Kurume Nanbu Chamber of Commerce).

A trip to enjoy Kurume while wearing a Kimono, experiencing sake, feel dine and green tea sweets.

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Steamed feel prepared at the long-established store Mizuhoan.

We introduce you to a tour that will make visiting Kurume in the old Fukuoka prefecture 10 times more fun.

First of all, let’s go to the feel restaurant, which has been up kept and refurbished from 1855!

The steamed feel called “Seiromushi” is delicious!

The restaurant offers a variety of other dishes as well. So you can rest assured if eel is not your thing.

②Kimono / Yukata Experience

When you are full of eel you will get dressed up into a Kimono or Yukata.

Please rest assured! You will be gently and carefully dressed!

Also, you will change your clothes at the eel restaurant which makes the tour more convenient

Yes, finished dressing up!

After being transformed with a cute Japanese-style Kimono or Yukata you definitely will be happy!

③While wearing a Kimono or Yukata visit the sake brewery Hiyokutsuru!

After changing into a beautiful Kimono or Yukata, let’s go on a tour through the sake brewery!

Kurume is known as one of the three big liquor stores of Japan.

In addition, the brewery Hiyokutsuruo that we will visit this time, makes delicious sake with rice which has benefited from the water of the Chikugo River.

Let’s use this opportunity to learn about the depth of Japanese sake!

It is a unique experience because usually you would not be able to visit a sake brewery while being dressed in a Kimono/Yukata!

You can drink and compare several kinds of liquor.

Japanese sake can have a lot of different flavours, so go ahead and try as much as you can!

And finally you can make your own label for the sake which makes a great souvenir and experience!

What is the name of your sake?

Create your own brand logo and put it on the bottle like this.

There is the finished bottle!

Oh, I’m so happy!!

I’m so happy that I can drink like this!

④A piece of memory with your Kimono or Yukata. Tamataregū

After all, if you wear a Kimono or Yukata, you want to go to a Japanese-style shrine, right?

Tamataregu is a historical shrine that is believed to have been built about 1900 years ago.

Let’s make a piece of memory here!

If you’ve come in trouble, please visit us too ♩

How to worship: Throw a coin, ring the bell, bow 2 times and clap your hands 2 times.

Then put your hands together and pray.

After your last prayer, bow one last time.

There is also a photogenic amber pillar near you, so check it out!

⑤A Matcha-cafe popular by locals – Ushijima seicha

Come on let’s cool down a little before going home.

Ushijima seicha offers a variety of sweets using the famous Tea brand “Yame tea”.

Finally, let’s take a break and finish our journey through Kurume.

The taste of the rich green tea makes the tiredness of the trip go away and it sublimes to good memories.

Ushijima Seicha is located at the JR Kurume Station, so you are able to go straight back to Fukuoka afterwards.

By the way, this is the end of your Kurume tour.

Everyone, how was it?

Only at Hanako Travel, including Kimono or Yukata rental fee, food and drink fee, activity fee, taxi fee, everything for just 19,800 yen (tax included)!

 Date of event

2019/8/1 → 2019/10/31

 Opening time


 Basic charge

¥19,800 (tax included)

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Basic charge

¥ 19,800 (tax included)

What is included

  • Experience fee
  • Food and drinking fee
  • Taxi fee
  • Kimono / Yukata rental fee

What is not included

  • Transportation costs to the meeting venue (JR Kurume Station)

Meeting venue

(Conventional line) (38 minutes) Hakata 1006 – Kurume 1044
(Shinkansen) (17 minutes) Hakata 1039 (Sakura 547)-Kurume 105

We will wait for you at the JR Kurume Station ticket gate. (There is only one ticket gate, so no need to worry!)

※ Those who need a pick up at JR Hakata Station will be separately picked up for a small fee of ¥3000

Date of event

2019/8/1 → 2019/10/31

Not available on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.



Number of participants

Capacity: 3 – 15 persons

Minimum: 2 persons (The basic charge will be increased by 20% for 2 persons)

Tour Guide

Suyama-san from Wa-Fuku Travel will guide you! So rest assured!

(※ Please note that the guide may change depending on the situation)